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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

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Year 4


Welcome to the class page of Year 4

4 Walnut, 4 Chestnut and 4 Hazel

4 Walnut are taught by Miss H Cheeseman ( supported by Mr Speziale.

4 Chestnut are taught by Miss J Castle ( supported by Mrs Baker and Mrs Allan.

4 Hazel are taught by Mrs L Joyce ( supported by Miss Brewer and Mrs Dew.


Trip to Science Museum Thursday 25th May 2023

We will be visiting the Science Museum as part of our Science topic: Digestion and Teeth in Term 5. The children will explore the museum with a focus on medicine and also engage in a 'It Takes Guts' workshop. 

Please can all children come in school uniform for the trip.

All children need to bring with them a packed lunch and water which they are prepared to carry with them (rucksacks preferable)!

If your child has a school lunch, please contact the kitchen via the usual channels to arrange this and we will collect them in the morning for the children. 

We will open the doors early at 8.30am and close them at 8.40am, so please ensure your child arrives on time in order to enable a speedy get away!

We will be aiming to return to school between 3.45-4pm and children can be collected from Oak office. 

Get in touch with your class teacher if you have any queries!



You should aim to read with your child for 5 minutes daily. If you would like to, your child can also access their Lexia at home using this link (please search UK if searching from from home): 

Lexia Core5 Reading - Login and Student Program

If your child is accessing phonics lesson in school, please use the following video to support them when reading: Parent video: How to say the sounds - YouTube.

Maths homework will be handed out on a Friday and will be due the following Tuesday. Your child will receive maths homework every week. 

Times tables baseline checks will take place every half term. Your children can access Times Tables Rockstars at home to help them prepare for this.  The expectation is 20 minutes between a Friday and Tuesday. The link is below: 


Click on the logo to play.


Spellings will be handed out on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday. Your children should return the Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check sheet on a Friday too.

General Information 

Uniform  - Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled as it helps the children to identify their own belongings. Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months, and please also encourage your child to bring a named water bottle to school every day.

Medication - Please let the school and your child's class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. If your child needs to be on a course of medication then please complete the relevant form which is kept in the school office. 

Please speak to us at the door if you need to bring anything to our attention. If you have any concerns you wish to raise which are more personal or require more time than we can give in the mornings then please email or write a letter to your child's class teacher.


All of Year 4 will participate in PE on Tuesday mornings. Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit. Most PE sessions will take place outside, so please ensure your child has a sweatshirt and joggers. No other uniform will be required. 

They will also take part on another day:

Walnut- Monday

Chestnut and Hazel- Wednesday