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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Learn, explore and
grow together

Real, purposeful and relevant

It is essential that each of our pupils can feel that the curriculum relates to them. They need to understand why they are learning about certain things, people and events and they should see the relevance to their own lives, where possible. The discovery of new knowledge, being given the opportunity to apply it and be successful with this, should be enjoyable itself – we want pupils to have a deep intrinsic desire to learn and achieve. However, we are more than aware that when we provide children with an authentic audience and a meaningful purpose in their learning, we can increase motivation even more. Consequently, we seek out links with local experts who can add further depth to the learning. Using these experts to offer critical feedback to our pupils helps to focus and inspire them and ultimately raise their own expectations of what they can create or produce. Trip opportunities are planned to link to and enhance learning. We take advantage of specific geographical and historical features of our location where they lend themselves to topics that our children learn about. Where relevant, outdoor learning is used to bring lessons to life and give the children 'real' and related experiences outside the classroom. We look for opportunities to build sustainable, productive and mutually beneficial links with our community. We want our pupils to be proud of where they live and seek out positive ways to make contributions to our community now and in the future.

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