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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Learn, explore and
grow together

Our Unique Context

The Woodlands schools were established over fifty years ago and have earned a reputation for providing an excellent and rounded education for children in North Tonbridge. Woodlands Primary School opened on the 1st September 2016 and was formed from the amalgamation of two already successful schools, Woodlands Infant School and Woodlands Junior School.

We have identified the following key barriers and difficulties that our pupils face:

  • Widely differing aspirations regarding education amongst our families
  • Underdeveloped oral language skills and vocabulary gaps for some pupils
  • A lack of diversity in pupils and staff (reflective of our local community)
  • A disparity in terms of pupils’ wider cultural experiences
  • Low self-esteem and poor engagement from some learners (particularly in English)
  • Increasing levels of parental and pupil anxiety

Our curriculum aims to address these barriers in a variety of ways – the learning in lessons, the wider experiences and opportunities we provide and the relationships we help to build. Our vision and core values were created with these barriers in mind (see below) and our curriculum principles and outcomes expand further on how we aim to address the specific barriers our pupils face.

Our motto

Learn, explore and grow together

Our vision

At Woodlands, we provide a rich and creative environment which inspires our pupils to learn.  Academic success is underpinned by our focus on happiness and confidence.  Our nurturing approach prepares children for the future: building foundations for them to become kind, resilient and valuable members of society.

We are a strong community. We thrive together.

Our core values


  • Understanding that we are all equally important 
  • Being polite and demonstrating good manners 
  • Treating others as we would wish to be treated 
  • Looking after our school and our equipment 


  • Being ready to learn and always trying our hardest 
  • Being honest about our actions 
  • Understanding that what we do affects others 
  • Knowing how we can look after our world 


  • Finding the courage to persevere when things are tricky  
  • Understanding that making mistakes is part of learning 
  • Working through ups and downs in our relationships 
  • Being happy for others when things do not go our way 


  • Always choosing to be kind 
  • Helping others when they need us 
  • Celebrating our differences 
  • Speaking out to keep me and others safe 


  • Finding ways to express my thoughts and feelings 
  • Thinking in different ways to help solve problems 
  • Having the confidence to be original  
  • Enjoying and seeking opportunities to try new things 


  • Being proud to belong to the Woodlands community  
  • Looking for ways to make a positive difference every day 
  • Bringing happiness and care to people in our wider community 
  • Working together to achieve greater things for everyone 





























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