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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

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Inclusive and challenging

We have a moral duty to ensure our curriculum is designed so that it is flexible enough to be accessible and challenging for all. Our curriculum offers a range of opportunities for all learners, regardless of their ages or starting points. We believe that, as long as the conditions are correct, all pupils seek challenges. We believe the maxim ‘high challenge, low threat’ sums up our approach succinctly. We want our pupils to see the value in making mistakes when they are being fully stretched intellectually - this is when learning occurs. However we choose to differentiate our curriculum, we do not do this according to 'ability' or put a cap on the learning for some pupils. The learning materials we prepare should contain cognitive challenge because this is the heart of learning; new material has to be demanding enough to be struggled with. We believe in supporting our children to follow the same course of work, through pre-teaching, scaffolding and support. A key aspect of ensuring inclusivity and challenge in our curriculum is setting an appropriate pace. We do not encourage speed at the expense of depth or superficial knowledge at the expense of deep understanding. By doing so, we provide opportunities for all our children to practise and apply their learning in meaningful ways. For children who have significant learning difficulties, we will prioritise their acquisition of core skills, but not by excluding them from the rest of the curriculum. The ultimate goal is for all our pupils to gain the knowledge and skills to empower them in their lives.

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