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Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about the school’s   governors, and the work that we do.

Our main role is to support the Headteacher and the staff – the phrase often used to describe this role is ‘a critical friend’. We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life. The key document used for this is the School Development Plan (SDP)

Our legal duties include:-

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • approving the school budget
  • reviewing progress against the school's budget and objectives
  • appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher.

The Governing body invites parental contribution at any time.  However, in particular, the governing body carries out a parental survey once a year to obtain feedback .  In addition parent forums are held on a regular basis to obtain parental input for specific areas (for example behaviour).  The governing body can be contacted on

Woodlands Primary School Current Governing Body

Name Type of Governor
Alison Minton (Chair) Co-opted
Chris Bulman (Vice Chair) Co-opted
Sian Bartle Co-opted
Steph Williams Co-opted
Jeremy Barker Co-opted
Nina O'Keeffe Co-opted
Brian Hicks Co-opted
Alan Hendry Co-Opted
Victoria Lawrence Local Authority
Fay Hawkins Parent
Graeme Reynolds Parent
Lynn Joyce Staff
Mary Priestley Headteacher
Mark Burns Associate Member
Sue Buxton Associate Member
Rita Tarrant-Blick Associate Member
Tracey Surmon Associate Member

Formation of the Governing Body

The governing body uses the circle method of governance.  It meets 6 times a year and the use of committees is limited to 3. 

Finance Committee

Members:  Jeremy Barker, Alan Hendry, Tracey Surmon (School Business Manager), Mary Priestley.  

  • Oversees the financial performance of the school
  • Monitors the setting of the 3 year plan and budgeting to that plan.
  • Reports the monitoring to the full governing body.

Headteacher’s Performance Committee

Chair: Alison Minton

  • To meet annually with the Headteacher and external advisor to review the  Headteacher’s performance.
  • To set the Headteacher’s targets for the forthcoming year
  • To make recommendations to the pay committee about pay progression
  • To monitor the performance of the Headteacher of the year.

Pay Committee

Chair:  Chris Bulman

  • To undertake an annual pay review for members of the leadership team
  • To consider fully all recommendations for pay progression
  • To ensure the performance management process is carried out according to policy
  • To review the pay recommendations for the Headteacher salary progression.

The committees and their remit are reviewed each year in September.  All other content and decisions are made by the full governing body as detailed in the Woodlands Primary School governing body handbook.  This is reviewed every year.

Register of Business and Financial Interests 2018/19


Governor Type

Appointing Body



Register of Business and Financial Interests

to Employee

Start of term

of term

Mr Jeremy Barker


Governing Body







Mr Chris Bulman Co-opted Governing Body Pay

Vice Chair Health and Safely


Parent of pupil None 11.02.16 10.02.20
Mrs Fay Hawkins Parent Parents   None Parent of pupil;Compny Director for Phase 1 Design Co. Spouse Company Director for PSD Net Ltd. None 22.11.16 21.11.20
Mrs Alison Minton Co-opted Governing Body Headteacher's Performance Chair            SEND None None 11.02.16 10.02.20
Mrs Nina O'Keefe Co-opted Governing Body None Safeguarding None None 11.02.16 10.02.20
Mr Graeme Reynolds Parent Parents None None Parent of pupil None 22.11.16 21.11.20
Mrs Stephanie Williams Co-opted Governing Body Headteacher's performance None Parent of pupil None 22.11.16 05.12.20
Mrs Mary Priestley Headteacher Governing Body   None Employee at the school On going On going On going
Mrs Sian Bartle Co-opted Governing Body Pay None Parent of Pupil None 17.05.18 16.05.22
Mrs Lynn Joyce Staff Governing Body   None Parent of Pupil, Member of staff None 17.05.15 16.05.22
Mr Alan Hendry Co-opted Governing Body Finance None None None 29.01.19 28.01.23
Mr Brian Hicks Co-opted Governing Body   None None Father-in-Law of teacher 29.01.19 28.01.23
Ms Victoria Lawrence Local Authority Governing Body   None None None 16.05.19 15.05.23