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Design and Technology

Design and Technology encourages our children to be creative and solve problems that also draw upon their knowledge of maths, science and engineering.  It enables them to communicate their ideas visually, developing 2D and 3D presentation skills.

Each of our topics start with a problem to solve. The children work through the iterative design process - designing, making and evaluating - to achieve their chosen outcome.  This often involves collaboration and through this, the children learn the important life skill of working with others.  This also encourages the children to reflect on their ideas, test and rethink.

Take a look at the creative outcomes from our different year groups.


Year 1 - To make a model vehicle that moves using a wheel and axle mechanism.



Year 2 - To design and make a parachute that will safely land a toy Lego rocket when it is dropped from a height.


Year 2 - This topic is linked to the story 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. To design and make a model lunch box that will safely carry Mr Grinling's lunch along a wire (simulated attack from rain and seagulls).



Year 3 - To design and make a Christmas gift box


Year 3 - To design and make a healthy dip.



Year 4 - To design and make a fabric decoration for a Christmas tree.  The decoration should be attractive and reflect the Christmas season.


Year 4 - To design and make a Pop-up Greeting card that uses different card mechanisms to create different sorts of movement.  You will need to research the interests of the person who will receive the card and use a graphic style that will appeal to them.


Year 5 - To create a Lego model that can be controlled by a computer program.