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Woodlands Primary School

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Covid-19 Arrangements

Please make sure you read the regular ParentMail communications that are being sent out over this period of lock-down.  The recent emails to parents have included a great deal of information about the re-opening from 8th June.  This page is designed to reiterate and capture much of that information.


Years 1 and 6 – Monday 8th June

Year R – Monday 15th June

Key Workers and Vulnerable Pupils (as agreed) – on-going


Start/Finish Times and Entrances/Exits:

Please see attachments below.

Provision beyond the timings given, can be sought by contacting Denise at Rainbow Club on 07717 214041 or email


Maps of Movement into, out of and around the school site:

Please see attachments below.

Expectations during this period:

Expectations of Parents: 

To minimise risk, focus on wellbeing and ensure children are able to access the curriculum, we request that parents: 

  • adhere to the 2m minimum social distancing AT ALL TIMES 
  • keep to designated routes and times 
  • refrain from gathering inside or outside the school grounds 
  • provide a resources pack where possible: 2 pencils, a ruler, a rubber, a sharpener, a pack of coloured pencils, a pack of coloured pens, a glue stick and a rounded pair of scissors on day one  
  • provide a packed lunch where necessary  
  • ensure that children are wearing a freshly washed set of comfortable, appropriate clothes each day (uniform and PE kit not necessary so trainers are ideal) 
  • ensure their child brings in their own, labelled and filled water bottle each day 
  • ensure that the school office has been provided with any updates for medications and that medication is in-date (new medication should be handed in to the bubble teacher in a clear sandwich bag, labelled with your child’s name, usual class name, and dosage and include a spoon where necessary) 
  • inform the class teacher of any bereavement or specific issues relating to their child (before returning) 
  • call or email the office with any queries/information (the reception itself will be closed to parents)  


Expectations of Pupils: 

We expect pupils to: 

  • adhere to social distancing as appropriate to age 
  • wash their hands thoroughly and regularly as directed 
  • use a tissue to catch a sneeze, cough or runny nose and throw it in the lidded bin provided 
  • cough into the elbow if the cough comes before a tissue can be provided, not into the hand 
  • keep to one-way systems and follow bubble rules (created with children together on first day) 


Expectations of School: 

In school, we will: 

  • keep up-to-date with the latest guidance and developments and respond accordingly 
  • ensure parents receive regular communication about changes/important issues  
  • ensure learning continues for all pupils, whether or not they are attending school 
  • ensure children’s wellbeing is a focus for all ages 
  • prepare children for living longer term in a world with Covid-19 
  • tailor the education and revise our curriculum in light of the varied experiences of lock-down and the pandemic (see below) 
  • ensure the behaviour policy provides clear reference to children who do not adhere to safer practices during this transition period (see below) 


Behaviour and Conduct. Please see attachment below

Transition Curriculum Information. Please see attachment below


School lunches will be packed lunch only.  Please see the menu below.  Payment must be made in advance where appropriate.  Those in receipt of Pupil Premium Free School Meals who do not attend will continue to be provided with vouchers at the moment.


The office will not be open to visitors and parents during this time, without prior agreement. Please contact the office on 01732 355577 or email


Home schooling provision for Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 and those staying at home in the other year groups will continue through Sharepoint.  As the majority of staff are being used to organise our returning pupils into smaller ‘bubbles’, contact with class teachers will be reduced during this initial stage.  Keep an eye on year group pages on Sharepoint for more information.

Re-opening in a nutshell:



Entrance and Exit for Reception Bubble A



Entrance and Exit for Reception Bubble B




Entrance for Year 1 Bubble A Pupils:



Entrance for Year 1 Bubble B Pupils:



Entrance for Year 6 Bubbles A and B Pupils (Lawrence Road):



Entrance for Year 6 Bubbles A and B Pupils (Sullivan Road):



Exit for Year 6 Bubbles A and B: