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Adventures from the Isle of Wight 2019

The final day...

So... all good things must come to an end!

The children were woken early for a final adventure before we left. The early breakfast caused great concern for the teachers since many were then heading towards a zip wire, giant swing or worse still... the trapeze. We crossed our fingers and prayed that nothing would resurface mid-air.

Gorgeous Gordon (as the staff referred to him) aka Satnav boarded Coach B quickly in attempts to race Captain Gunner to the ferry port. The teachers were delighted to see that the ferry had a Costa coffee and the children were VERY excited to start their homeward journey. The last leg was smooth and all seemed calm and peaceful en route to Guildford for our lunch stop.

Ryan was enjoying the first part of his Birthday and was delighted to tuck into some Birthday cake with his peers. The kids had a spot of lunch, a run around and huge chat about their favourite parts of the trip. As we boarded the coach to brave the M25, we were all in need of a nice power nap (teachers included). Now seems like a good time to reveal yesterday’s answers to the quiz of the day...

Yesterday’s quiz answers:

  • Each and every child have been kind, supportive and helpful all week - we could not narrow it down to one!
  • Issy has been tucking into pots of butter and requesting frozen peas for dinner - thankfully her wish was not granted!
  • A huge number faced their fears and reached the top of the trapeze despite initially refusing (including Mrs Hicks) but a special mention has to be made for Alec who dug deep (despite feeling peaky) and made the huge jump on to the trapeze, with a smile on his face!
  • T12 slept through their alarm clock that was set for 11pm so our perpetrators were Matthew, Luke, Christopher, Keane, Alfie and Harrison.
  • James completed a whopping 20 circuits around his balcony!

What a wonderful week we have had- we honestly could not have asked anymore from your wonderful children. They have faced fears, pushed themselves to the limit and enjoyed themselves along the way. We have SOOOO many photos and videos to share with you - they will be available on a CD once the wonderful Mrs Anacleto has finished organising them. Media is a huge job! A special Thank You to everyone at home - not only have you given us the best part of the week with your children, your unwavering support and kind comments left on the blog mean so much to us and make our missing the evening activities to keep you updated seem worthwhile.

Before we go, there are a few out-takes that may be of interest to you all...

  • Mrs Totham will miss her signature phrase of “Put your hands down until I’ve finished speaking” and “if in doubt, squeeze it out!”
  • Mr Burns will miss children changing his camera settings and eventually breaking his camera.
  • Mrs Stone will miss the canteen’s four bean salad.
  • Mrs Timms will miss lending out items of clothing to keep children warm.
  • Miss Gould will miss the influx of children begging for calpol and Mrs Hicks jumping out at her at inopportune moments.
  • Mrs Anacleto will miss her shadow (Harrison) repeatedly jumping out at her when she is trying to finish a meal.
  • Mrs Hicks will miss constantly whipping out the iPad to note down funny stories for the blog.
  • Mrs Brown (aka David Bailey) will miss taking photos of the view and sending them to each and every member of staff each morning.
  • Mrs Isaac will miss yet another child reporting a lost key to her.
  • NO ONE will miss vom-gate! 

Special mention for our lovely coach drivers who have been nothing short of wonderful all week...
SatNav will miss eavesdropping on a bevvy of beauties throughout each and every journey.
Captain Gunner will miss the PGL breakfast...

Who’d be a teacher that would volunteer to take 90 children on a residential - it screams INSANITY! 

  • Sam Clarke 5 years ago
    We can not thank you enough, we have a very tired, but happy little girl home who is full of stories and memories she will have for a lifetime. Enjoy your break next week xx
  • Beth Mahoney 5 years ago
    I just read the blog, thank you very much as I had an amazing time at the Isle of Wight, I also took a lot of photos for Mrs Brown which was fun! Although it was tiring it was definitely a trip I will not forget! I think we will all enjoy our break now! Beth x
  • Taryn Bulman 5 years ago
    Wow! Thanks for the amazing blog teachers! I had a great time at IOW this week. I am very tired but that hasn't stopped me from talking about it until my voice completely disappeared. I think you did a great job looking after us all and were very brave taking us! Thank you, Thank you!
  • Claire Bamford 5 years ago
    To all you amazing teachers - thank you so much for taking care of our children and ensuring they had a wonderful time. Happy half term. X
  • Lucy Perry 5 years ago
    Who would be a teacher!! Hearing some of the stories first hand, I think you have all gone over and above this week. Thank you for your hard work and for making this experience so memorable for all of our children.
  • Sophie Hawkins 5 years ago
    Thank you so much to everyone who helped make my time at PGL amazing!!! I can't choose my favourite activity because all of them were so fun! It was an amazing exprience with all my friends that I will definitely never forget. Thank you again Sophie xxx
  • Maddi McDonald 5 years ago
    I had a wonderful time with teachers who I got to really know. I made new friends who like butter and are stronger than Miss Gould! I had lot of fun with the girls in my cabin with all our dobble matches, little pig obsessions,a fart bomb and someone who kept falling off the bed. Thank you to all of the Year 6 team for making time at IOW special Maddi xxx
  • Millie Goodman from Peach :) 5 years ago
    I am currently dying of laughter reliving everything that we did at PGL and at the Isle Of Wight ! It is funny, I witnessed the teacher out takes being written about because I was sitting behind Mrs Hicks on the coach!! Thank you so much to SatNav, Captain Gunner , Harry and Ellie(our PGL groupies), all the PGL staff and our teachers for making it the best experience ever for all of us. I think you are the best ever and are incredibly brave!!! Thanks again , Millie from Peach class 😊😊
  • Lakshita Jeyavelan 5 years ago
    This was soo amazing and fun. I faced my fears such as the trapeze, abseiling and much more! I loved hanging out with my friends and most of all the beach! I would recommend this to anybody who has the chance to. It is a truly beautiful place where you can learn ,explore and have fun!🍀 Lakky
  • Oliver Sandys 5 years ago
    Thank you teachers as you have given me the best opportunities possible. I hope one day I will have more opportunities like this as they have been exciting, thrilling and enjoyable. Without this I would have never looked back at my fear of heights so calmly. Thank you again teachers for this opportunity;I enjoyed every moment. :)
  • Tayo Oshiyemi 5 years ago
    The Isle of Wight was so fun. We got to know the teachers well and the activities were so FUN!!!!!!!! My favourite part was going to Ryde beach. The forfeits were so funny. Well, I had two but some people had so many, that I couldn't keep count. Overall, I had a really fun time at the Isle of Wight. It was pretty much a holiday

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