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Senior Choir Trip To The O2

The Senior Choir had a marvellous time at the O2 Arena at the end of January and sang their hearts out with over 7,000 other children.  They also enjoyed performances from Tony Hadley and Urban Strides and will remember it for a long time to come!  (As will their parents!)









Lakky: The O2 filled me with happiness.  Beau told me I could achieve my dream by not giving up.  The singing and lighting was spectacular.  This is an amazing opportunity for everyone to sing their hearts out.  This day is something that you will remember for all your lives.

Hannah: I enjoyed meeting new people and being part of a 7776 children choir!  I also liked the part where the grown-ups had to dance near the end!  I will always remember walking in to the arena and at first glance feeling like a pop star. 

Madeleine: My favourite part was when we got to meet Andy and also when we got a message from Hugh Jackman.  I will remember seeing the whole crowd joining in and everyone shining their torches.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves singing.

Ivy:  It was amazing hearing and singing with all of the children.  I was shocked when I discovered that there were 7776 children present. I will remember every moment especially the message from Hugh Jackson.  I loved singing with the guest artists.  Everyone went mad for Tony Hadley!  The opening and right at the end was very memorable.  I can’t believe how much everyone was cheering.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who sings into their hairbrush in front of the mirror.