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Young Voices 2018

On Monday 5 February, the Senior Choir went to the O2 Arena for the Young Voices Concert.

On Monday 5 February, the Senior Choir went to the O2 Arena for the Young Voices Concert. For those not familiar with this, it is an opportunity to join in with other schools and sing, with dancing and actions, as a massed choir.

The Young Voices concerts have been held at the O2 Arena for 10 years, since it opened. The O2 is the world’s busiest music arena and to have the experience of singing there with hundreds of others schools and performers is like no other.

The feedback from the singers was overwhelmingly positive and all said they loved it and all would recommend it to the current Year 4 and Year 5 children to experience it for themselves next year.

At the afternoon rehearsal

Here are quotes from some of those who attended the 2018 Young Voices Concert.

As this is my second year of going to the O2 Young Voices Concert, I was excited to see how different it would be.  It was an amazing opportunity and we are very privileged to go.  I will always remember the brilliant people who put it together. Especially our conductor David.  This year there were 7,891 children there and we were part of it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to sing, shout and dance with thousands of other children.

I really enjoyed my experience at the O2 Arena for the Young Voices Concert because it was so fun and we sang and danced with all the performers. I especially liked The Magnets. It was amazing to be there and I would definitely recommend it to everyone because it is so fun. I was breathless every time there was applause and cheers from the audience as I thought “Gosh! They’re applauding us!”.  It’s just an utterly magnificent experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and will certainly be going again next year.  

I really enjoyed Young Voices Concert because I loved going to the O2 and it sounded amazing when everybody was singing together. I will always remember the great big arena and all the amazing singers. I recommend going to YV because it is an amazing experience and all the special guests were amazing.  Everyone MUST go to Young Voices!!

I think that Young Voices concert was amazing. I would totally recommend it to people who love to sing and also like to dance once in a while. O2 was incredible with all the songs. Famous acts, beatboxers and Urban Strides. I would definitely recommend bringing in a bright object to wave around so your parents can see you.

I had an amazing time singing with Senior Choir at the O2 and yes I would definitely recommend it to others. There were loads of awesome songs, which I will always remember, and when the lights went out, we waved them about, which looked incredible. One of my favourite parts was the “Parents versus Children” when we all copied the Urban Strides’ street dancing moves which are so cool! I’m glad the school was given the magnificent opportunity, and I cannot wait until next year.

I really enjoyed the Young Voices Concert and it was really fun. I will remember everything about it. I would definitely recommend it to everyone because it is super fun and you can sing and dance and be as crazy as you want in most songs. Even if you don’t know the words it is still loads of fun as you can just do the actions or dance. You get torches, t-shirts and wristbands and we sound really good when all the other schools are singing too and I loved it.

I enjoyed singing the 90s throwback and the Parents v Kids battle. It was interesting when I saw the Urban Strides. I would recommend it because it is a chance to join in with other kids and have some fun.  When you’re there it is fun to get ready for the dancing and Jambo Bwana was also a really good song which I really enjoyed.

I enjoyed the trip at the O2 especially because of who was singing and dancing there. Also because of the songs. I will remember the song “I’m Yours”. I would recommend the Young Voices Concert to the next Y5s and Y6s.

For details on this year’s artists see

Here are some more quotes from the children.

I enjoyed the break dancing and the acapella Young Voices Concert. I will remember the lights and all of the people. It was a great experience.

I really enjoyed the O2 as it was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect, Rehearsals were fun but we had to stand up for most of it. Leia, Belle, Mrs Timms and I had a great time dancing, jumping up and down and following Urban Strides. The real concert was fun as we all had to try and find our parents. I recommend this to everyone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Young Voices Concert. It is one of the things I’ll remember forever. I’d definitely recommend it to others.