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Winter Read In

On 24 January, the coldest night of the year so far, children came to listen to their favourite stories being read.

Staff in Oak and Acorn spent an hour reading stories for everyone to enjoy.  Children came in their onesies and pyjamas, clutching teddies, to listen to favourite stories being read to them and enjoying hot chocolate and a cookie! What better way to banish the post-Christmas blues,

What a selection we had to choose from.  

KS1 - Acorns,

  • Mrs Hails-Wollen James and the Giant Peach, 
  • Miss Farrington/Mrs Stone The World’s Worst Children
  • Mrs Howe The Giraffe, the Peliy and Me
  • Mrs Buxton Dogger 
  • Mrs Priestley .... a surprise story ...

KS2 - Oaks

  • Mrs Brown The Shape Game
  • Miss McBride The Book with No Pictures
  • Mrs Newsome The Jolley Rogers and the Cave of Doom
  • Mrs Cameron The World’s Worst Children
  • Mr Burns Brilliantly Bad Stories
  • Mr Adams The Invention of Hugo Cabret
  • Miss Pope/Miss Collins We Found a Hat!
  • Mrs Dobney You Must Bring a Hat
  • Miss Tucker The Twits

Thank you to all who came out on one of the coldest evenings of the year and leaving such positive feedback.