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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to the class page of Year 5

5 Rowan, 5 Beech and 5Mulberry

5 Rowan are taught by Miss E Tucker, supported by Mrs Lenygon, Miss Lanckmans and Mrs Smith.

5 Beech are taught by Miss R McBride, supported by Mrs Charters and Mrs Cook.

5 Mulberry are taught by Miss K Ridger, supported by Mr Newsome and Mrs Baer.

Mrs A Littlejohn (maths teacher) is also a vital part of the team. 


English writing homework will be handed out on a Monday and due back in on a Thursday

Maths homework will be handed out on a Thursday and due in on a Monday

Spellings will be handed out on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday

General Information

Homework Diary - The homework diary that your child will receive is intended to be used as a communication tool between parents and staff for homework, reading or general enquiries. We will endeavour to check the homework diary every day so please encourage your child to have it in school with them every day. If you have any concerns you wish to raise which are more personal or require a more in depth response then please write a separate letter to your child's class teacher. 

Uniform  - Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled as it helps the children to identify their own belongings. Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months and also please encourage your child to bring a named water bottle to school every day.

Medication - Please let the school and your child's class teacher know if your child has any condition requiring medication, including allergies or asthma. If your child needs to be on a course of medication then please complete the relevant form which is kept in the school office.