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Woodlands Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Learn, explore and
grow together


Mrs Buxton
Deputy Headteacher and Year 1 teacher
Tulip class
Mr Burns
Deputy Headteacher       
Mrs V Lonie

Assistant Headteachers 
Mrs L Cameron
Mrs M Chatley
Mrs K Duffin
Mrs M Hicks
Mrs S Rees-Porter
Mrs R Tarrant-Blick (Inclusion Manager)

Teaching Staff
Acorn Oak
Mrs S Buxton (1 Tulip) Mr J Adams (4 Fir)
Mrs E Challis (2 Juniper) Mrs M Anacleto (6 Damson)
Mrs M Chatley (R Baobab) Mrs T Brown (3 Palm)
Mrs A Gosling (R Baobab) Mrs L Brownell
Mrs S Hails-Wollen (1 Cherry)  
Mrs J Howe (2 Juniper)  
Ms J Hughes (R Acacia) Mrs L Cameron (5 Hawthorn)
Miss M Littlejohn (2 Willow) Miss J Castle (3 Elm)
Miss E Mace (2 Hazel) Mrs K Corbett (3 Cedar)
Miss M Nagel (1 Magnolia) Miss H Crawley (4 Oak)
Mrs J Newble (R Marula) Mrs K Duffin (6 Ebony)
Mrs E Rusling (R Acacia)  
Mrs L Stokes (1 Tulip) Mr B Gosling (4 Yew)
  Mrs S Hails-Wollen (3 Oak)
Mrs C Woodger Mrs M Hicks (6 Damson)
  Mrs M Jones
  Mrs K Kimber (5 Hawthorn)
  Mr W Levett
  Mrs A Littlejohn (Maths)
  Miss L Phillips (5 Bay)
  Mrs S Rees-Porter (3 Palm)
  Miss K Ridger (5 Chestnut)
  Mrs R Totham (6 Nutmeg)
  Mrs E Tucker-Bays (Maths)


Office Team
Acorn Oak

Mrs W Tubb
(School Secretary)

Mrs T Surmon
(School Business Manager)
Mrs D Dale (Admin Assistant) Mrs S Chalklin (Personnel)
Mrs C Taylor (Admin Assistant &
Data Protection Officer)
Mrs Anita Tansley
(Finance Assistant)

Mr B Clark( Computing)


Inclusion Team
Mrs R Tarrant-Blick 
(Inclusion Manager)
Mrs S Hardcastle 
(Pastoral Support Officer)
Mrs A Baer Mrs J King


Teaching Assistants
Acorn Oak
Mrs K Dye Mrs A Abbott
Mrs J Gardiner Mrs A Baer
Mrs N Gibson Mrs A Baker
Ms C Glasscoe Mrs C Broad
Mrs V Hards Mrs C Brooks
Mrs N Gibson Mrs A Burnside
Mrs C Hobden Mrs A Caveille
Mrs Jo King
(Speech & Language)
Mrs C Cemm
  Miss H Collins (Maternity leave)
Mrs C Makey Mrs R Cook
  Miss G Gould
Mrs L Patterson Mr M Heath
Mrs M Saunders Mrs E Isaac
Mrs C Savidge Mrs L Joyce
Mrs K Smith Mrs L Lang
Mrs V Speiser Mrs B Lee
Mrs S Spurle Mrs I Pawlowska
  Mrs D Smith
  Miss C Stockdale
  Mrs J Stone
  Mrs V Timms
  Mrs J Thompson
  Mrs A Verma


Site Team
Mr M Wilson (Site Manager)

Mr R Bacon (Site Manager Assistant)
Miss K Clements (Cleaner) Mrs J Gassler (Cleaner)
Miss L Clements ( Cleaner) Miss K Radmore (Cleaner)
Mr A Fox ( Cleaner)  


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