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Five go to Carroty Wood

Year 5 were out adventuring on their overnight stay at Carroty Wood.

Year 5 were out adventuring on their overnight stay at Carroty Wood – what fun they have had, despite the unsettled weather. The highlight for the children (and teachers!) was definitely Miss Ridger’s amazing campfire experience which she repeats for all three classes. Here are
some unique perspectives on the trip:

  • Teacher: Once you've made your bed, unpack your pyjamas and wash bag. 
    Child (with a puzzled expression): What's a wash bag?
  • Child: I want to eat this dinner all the time, it's just so delicious.
    Such luxury, I could easily get used to this every night.
  • Teacher: when you've finished, go and get ready for swimming in your rooms.
    Child: If we get changed in our rooms for swimming before we go to the pool, won't it be a bit funny us walking over there in our trunks?
    Teacher: Not when you put your clothes back on over the top!

Here are some photos of the stay at Carroty Wood. They give a taste of the wonderful activities the children took part in.




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